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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Friday 16 May

Overcast and blowing a near-gale here in Stornoway. Temperatures nothing to complain about, 14C / 57F, which contrasts with the south of the UK which is set to easily crest 20C / 68F. This does serve to explain our strong winds.

A bus was stuck on the ramp, coming off the MV Isle of Lewis at Stornoway on Wednesday. It took an hour and a half for the tide to come in to allow the bus to proceed ashore.

I am very excited to announce that BBC Alba (the Gaelic language channel) have commissioned a television documentary on HMS Timbertown, which is pencilled in for broadcast in October. Its focus will be on the 100-odd men from Lewis who were among the internees.

HMS Timbertown was an internment camp in Groningen, Netherlands, where about 1,500 sailors from the Royal Naval Division were interned during the First World War.

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