Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Wednesday 5 March

This is the image of the tanker leaving port in streaming rain.Worse than that was the wind, which caused the cancellation of the lunchtime ferry crossings - the Isle of Arran did come back from Ullapool in the evening.  The Isle of Lewis has left drydock at Birkenhead after repairs to her rudder and should be back here in Stornoway on Thursday afternoon.

Can we talk about something else but the flipping referendum on BBC Scotland please? I'm getting mighty tired of it, and we're in for another * SIX * months of that sh*te.

Things calmed down in the evening, with the wind shifting to the west and abating to force 4. Down in southern England, daytime maxima will exceed 60F over the next few days, but we are not likely to exceed 50F by very much. Don't mind, we have a very temperate climate with relatively minor fluctuations in temperatures. Saturday night into Sunday could see a brief but severe gale.

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