Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Monday 17 March

A man was reported missing this morning. Sadly, his remains were found in a gully off Sgaoth Aird, above Maraig in North Harris. Mr Edward Jackson, a holiday maker from Preston, was due to leave for home yesterday, but his hotel room was not vacated.

Overcast and once again windy, although not quite as windy as over the weekend. Remaining fairly mild, 10C / 50F this afternoon. The rhodondendrons continue to burn in the Castle Grounds, wonder if that isn't turning into a Forth Bridge job - never-ending.

A row is emerging about the future role of Lews Castle. Will it be a hotel, or a self-catering unit? Looks like both. Local self-catering providers fear competition from the 30 units in the Castle. A meeting will be held in 10 days' time to allay fears etcetera.

Went for a walk to the harbour, and the old Monaco is slowly being chopped to bits. The town is being cheered up with colourful blooms.

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