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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Tuesday 11 February

A breezy but cold morning, with intermittent showers. The sun has come out, but we should expect snow showers, particularly after dark. A touch of winter. We had sleet and snow showers this afternoon, and this bitingly cold wind. At one point, the mercury dipped to zero celsius (32F). At the moment, the moon is out, but we could always get snow in the night. If so, it is likely to settle until the sun rises around 8 am.
I'm checking whether I missed any Isle of Lewis casualties from the Great War by doing a focused search on the CWGC website, using the keyword 'stornoway' and First World War. Up come 772 results (not too bad), of which (to date) 6 have nothing to do with the town. The majority I have on file, but four are not, although the CWGC information states that they were the son of someone living in Stornoway, or elsewhere the island. Found one with Gearrannan connections. The name was not on the Carloway war memorial, and upon checking locally, was told that he was born and brought up away from the island (Govan). Would he merit inclusion in the ranks of the island war dead? I was told - be wary of inadvertently opening up cans of worms...

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