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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Saturday 22 February

Right, a new permutation in the dance of the ferry boats. The MV Isle of Lewis is hovering just off Achiltibuie in Loch Broom, but the good ole MV Isle of Arran is ploughing its way across the Minch - providing they dare venture beyond Rudha Reidh.

Well, that has turned into a nasty wet and windy afternoon. The MV Isle of Arran made it into port half an hour late (she is slower than the Isle of Lewis) and is currently on its way back to the mainland. Pleased about events in Ukraine, but situation still in a state of flux and potentially hazardous. Do have a reasonable sense of optimism about it - but we shall see what we shall see.

Galeforce southerly winds this evening, with persistent heavy rain. The poor ole MV Isle of Arran is gallantly ploughing her way across the Minch this evening, trailing green smoke from its long suffering passengers. Am not expecting her back until 10pm.

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