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Monday, 17 February 2014

Break away - and you become foreign

Another thought on the issue of the independence referendum. If Scotland decides to break away from the United Kingdom, it becomes an independent, autonomous country. In other words, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, will become a foreign nation to Scotland. Wouldn't you think? So why are the supporters of independence so determined to hold on to the pound sterling, which is being regulated from the capital of a foreign country? OK, there are plenty of countries around the world who have Queen Elizabeth II as head of state (such as Australia and New Zealand). Why are the supporters of independence so worried for the business prospects of a foreign country, so worried that they want to hold on to the pound sterling, to spare them the inconvenience of exchange rates?

It was put by a political commentator on the BBC this afternoon that the exchange of views between Mr Osborne (the Chancellor of the Exchequer) and Mr Salmond (the leader of the Scottish National Party, who seek to gain independence) has moved into the uncomfortable territory of questioning the trustworthiness of the SNP leader.

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