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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Saturday 26 October

Clocks going back tonight (in Europe), and the weather is suitably dark and wintry. It's 5 pm, and the lights are on. It's raining and blowing pretty well at the moment. Winds at galeforce near the Butt of Lewis, with currently gusts to 55 mph. Barometer has dropped 10 mbar in the last 6 hours, from 990 mbar at 11 this morning to 981 mbar just now and I expect another 15 mbar off the readings before we're done. Keep an eye on the forecast if in England and Wales; there will be a storm, but its exact track is as yet not certain.

The image of the ferry is unusual. Normally, the boat makes the 180 degree turn upon backing out of her berth. Today, the winds were so strong that she had to back half a mile into Glumag Harbour, before being able to safely make the turn.

Where did the wind go? Oh I see. The barometer bottomed out at 981 mbar at 5 o'clock, so the wind dropped from force 7 to force 3. Eye of the storm, and here we shall reside until Monday.

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