Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Saturday 12 October

Muirneag has reappeared on AIS, now near the island of Pentallaria, between Sicily and Tunisia. By tomorrow, she'll pass Malta before crossing the Ionian Sea into Greek waters.

A perfect day. Not a cloud in the sky. A moderate easterly breeze does not keep the mercury down; we're at 10C / 50F at the moment.

Trying to restore my system to the way it was until my harddisk crashed 11 days ago. Well, that's of course not possible. I've lost my bookmarks; my firewall software is suddenly incompatible with the version of Windows I was running previously, and I can't find my product key for MS Office. No, I'm not going to pay for it AGAIN. And here I am, installing Flashplayer, the very piece of garbage that gave me so much grief beforehand. Sometimes, computers just ain't worth it. Oh, one other nice job I have to do: manually download 116 pics from Flickr, which are the ones that I took after the backup and before my camera switched to a new folder. The old one of course I deleted from the memory card. Do I sound fed up? Whatever made you think that...

Also went to see an exhibition about peat in An Lanntair, where I took a few pics.

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