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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Tuesday 17 September

Another barefoot walk in Harris today, but now at Huisinis. Unfortunately, the weather has changed and it is now quite a bit colder than Saturday, with a keen northwest wind. Huisinis is difficult to get to by public transport, so I have to rely on a lift. Fortunately, a North Harris Trust vehicle pulled up by my side and took me the 14 miles from Ardhasaig to Huisinis. On arrival, there were a dozen walkers plus a guide. Not all took their boots off - admittedly, it was perishing cold, even worse in the sea, but we had an enjoyable amble along the peninsula on the far side of the village. We returned at 1.45, after passing over the highest point. The NHT took me and a few others back to Tarbert, where we had a cuppa before the bus returned me to Stornoway.

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