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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tuesday 10 September

It was overcast and not too cold today - in other words, unremarkable in terms of weather.

I have updated the sidebar and front picture of this blog, which I had not really attended to over the past three months. I had not even switched the seasonal picture over from spring to summer; I could immediately post an autumn pic, in this case of the spider I spotted on Sunday. Sunday's pictures also provided the front pic, which is the blog header. Tomorrow is 9/11, so you will only get two posts in memory of two of the victims of 9/11. The posts are scheduled to appear at 1.46pm BST or 8.46am EDT, the time that the first attack on the WTC in New York took place on 11 September 2001. I intend to update this blog more regularly from now on; October will see the 5th anniversary of this blog and the 9th anniversary of my blogging activities. I commenced my first blog, Northern Trip, on 8 October 2004 at Kyleakin, Isle of Skye, some 75 miles southeast of my current position in Stornoway. At the time, I only had one blog. There are now have 69 blogs on my Blogger account, most of them static, doubling as websites. I also have one or two blogs outside Blogger.

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