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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wednesday 20 February

A day of complete sunshine, nearly 10 hours of it now. Not a cloud to be seen, and a perfect sunrise (at 7.44) and sunset (at 17.35). Not seen anything like it, that I can recall - although it probably has happened previously. Daytime max was 9C / 48F, but as I type the mercury has already dipped well below freezing and it will be a hard frost through the night. Although there was a breeze through the day, that has now dropped. Fog was a problem in Inverness, causing extensive disruption to flights from the Highland capital.

An object lesson in the reliability of weather forecasting from down-under. A group of amateur forecasters, monitoring model-based forecast for tropical cyclones (hurricanes) around Australia, saw that a category 5 cyclone could strike Western Australia next week. However, the lead-time was more than 5 days, prompting me to enter a cautionary note on the site. But no, they were determined that the models were correct. Until the latest run of models showed a complete turn-around, with only a weak system affecting the coast 500 miles to the north. And even then, the cyclone itself has not even formed. It may never do so.

On Facebook, I mentioned that I have 69 blogs on Blogger. I only "blog" on about 6 of them on a more or less regular basis. A large number are websites in the shape of a blog; my WW1 and WW2 research is comprised in those. Old blog sites (formerly AOL e.g.) are there, as well as topical, one-off blogs. Even if I say so myself, quite an output...

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