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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Tuesday 12 February

Although the day started brightly, cloud gradually increased and so did the wind later in the day. The remnants of a major snowstorm in the eastern USA, nicknamed Nemo, is on its way in, and will give us much wind. The mainland can expect a lot of snow. Although that would be welcome for the ski centres, one of them suffered a major malfunction, when a skilift derailed. Six people were hurt, and 36 others were stuck on the lift for up to 90 minutes. In strong winds and temps of -2C, this made it all a bit cold. The Health & Safety Executive is due to investigate the accident.

I am quite disgusted with the mess surrounding the horse meat scandal. Everybody blaming everybody else, and there is an almost impossibly complicated tangled web of meat, crossing up to half a dozen border from beast to fork. For American readers, processed food that claimed to contain 100% beef was found to contain up to 100% horse meat. In the UK, eating horsemeat is almost anathema. At any rate, it is in flagrant violation of the Trade Descriptions Act, which stipulates that labelling should accurately represent the content.

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