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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Thursday 28 February

The last day of the meteorological winter, and there were hints of spring about. We managed double figures on the thermometer for the first time in many weeks. It was quite misty at times, with low clouds hanging about the tops of the hills. Further south, I am told it was downright foggy, but as I often say, there are compensations for being in a high latitude.

I went for a 4½ mile walk along the harbour and right through the Castle Grounds today. It went from the Waterwheel in the north, across the Golf Course to just north of Gallows Hill, then back via Cuddy Point and the Castle.

P2281471 P2281472 P2281477 P2281482 P2281487 P2281488 P2281501 P2281499


  1. I really like that fourth picture. What is that?

    We have had most of the really bad weather miss us. We have only had a bit of snow, one early morning ice storm (then the temps went up, and all the ice was gone by noon), and some sleet a few nights ago. We're still having abnormally high temperatures. We have had a lot of rain, though, and I'm really getting tired of that. I'm so glad tomorrow is the first day of March!

  2. I loved seeing your pictures showing the bits of Spring you have it is very cold and nothing blooming yet. More snow for us. But with the month of March now here, we know it won't be long at all now.