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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wednesday 9 January

An increasingly bright day, with phenomenal sunset colours. Went into town this afternoon for a handful of small items in the shops. Included in those were some lightbulbs, filament bulbs to be precise - not all old fittings will take the new long-life ones. Mind you, they do have special long-life ones, but they cost something like £8 each. The old-fashioned ones are only £2 each. Filament bulbs burn out quickly here, because of surges in the electricity supply. Over Christmas, there were repeated powercuts, and those tend to get preceded by a surge.

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  1. They are indeed phenomenal sunset colors. Very nice. The only concern I have about the new bulbs is they are so dangerous if they break. I'm told this by others, I've never had one break..yet.