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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tuesday 18 December

A beautiful day, which started very cold after an overnight low of -4C / 24F. The frost did not lift until 11 am, and was quick to return as soon as the sun set. I just checked the latest reading, and found that the temperature had jumped from -2C to +4C between 7 and 8pm, with a southeasterly breeze springing up. This heralds the transition to a wild day tomorrow, contrasting with the absolute flat calm we had today. We had 19 hours of NO WIND. Don't believe me? Look at the pics below.

Quite a lot of my internet contacts use a photo-sharing site called Instagram. As of January 16th, 2013, it will give itself the right to sell its users' photographs, without giving the users a penny (or a cent, depending where you are reading this from). Instagram was recently acquired by Facebook, a site that is none too particular about its users' interests either. Want to know more? Read this article on the BBC website.

PC180033 PC180031 PC180021 PC180020

A few nocturnal pics from last night as well

PC170019 PC170015

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