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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Saturday 1 December

I awoke at 7 am, when it was still pitch dark, and noticed the planet Venus rising in the east.

The first day of the meteorological winter, and it definitely felt like that today. There was a steady progression of showers, and although I did not observe snow, there was a clear wintery feel about the weather today.

PC019721 PC019722

After lunch, I went out to the Iolaire Memorial, which stands some 2 miles south of Stornoway, at the entrance to the harbour. Just as I arrived at the location, I noticed a shower passing over the town.


These are the Beasts of Holm (not a whale, as someone on FB thought), also as seen from the Memorial


This is the coastline, runnign west from the Memorial to Holm Point.

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