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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Thursday 1 November

A cold day, in spite of the 8C / 46F on the thermometer, the bitterness being caused by a strong easterly breeze. It grew even less pleasant when we lost the sun in the afternoon to showers. I was glad to have taken the woolly hat and gloves out, even for the short walk to the shop and into town. Was that haircut such a good idea? Nggg, that hair in my face was driving me batchy.

Western Isles Council has put proposals out for consultation that would result in service cuts amounting to £5.7 million. The details of the proposals are breathtaking; I had a look at a six-page document outlining them all, and it is absolutely horrendous. It begs the question what we have a council for if it isn't doing anything for the local people anymore. OK, that's an overreaction, but it is very bad news.

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