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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday 11 November

Remembrance Sunday today. I watched the parade in Whitehall in London at 11 am, then walked the 40 minutes to the local war memorail for a ceremony at 1pm. The shortest route on foot leads through the local golf course. There were about 150 people present at the war memorial. The minister of one of the local churches conducted proceedings, which included the laying of wreaths by military and civilian dignitaries. After the singing of hymns and psalms, the national anthem closed the ceremony at half past one. I returned through a practically deserted town centre. It was a chilly day, but the threat of showers receded and the sun even came out. As I type this, at 7pm, we are not far above freezing.

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The below pic shows the crowds gathering at the memorial.


  1. Here in rural France, it was well attended, with much clanging of bells etc., at 11:00.

  2. Oh that looks like my "Bob" the cat in the picture.