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Monday, 26 November 2012

Monday 26 November

A fairly bright day, although a couple of showers did come along to tease us. It felt cold, with the temperature no higher than 7C / 45F and a penetrating northerly breeze. As per usual this year, we're having the best weather in the country. North Yorkshire is being plagued by flooding, after the weekend wreaked havoc in southwestern England.

It was reported today that the famous Stornoway Black Puddings (a type of blood sausage) is closing in on the coveted Protected Geographical Indication status. I'm not fond of black pudding, but Stornoway is famous for it and I support the protection that the PGI affords. Unfortunately, producers outside the town will not be covered - but don't forget that there is a historic rivalry between rural Lewis and towny Stornoway, and a Niseach (e.g.) would not like to be seen under the same umbrella as a Stornowegian. Don't ask.

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