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Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday 8 October

Today is the 8th anniversary of my blogging activities. It started in 2004 from the computer in the youth hostel at Kyleakin, Isle of Skye, where I tapped out a description of the day's walk on a blog called Northern Trip. That blog remained in existence for 4 years, until AOL pulled the plug on all its blogs in October 2008. This blog, Atlantic Lines, was its successor and I marked its 4th anniversary last Monday, October 1st. Since starting in 2004, my blogging activity has mushroomed. I became involved with the community of bloggers on AOL who were known as J-land. It fell apart in 2008, but regrouped on Blogger and Facebook. A number of those friends are no longer with us, and I shall mark their passing at the start of November. Others have joined us, or merged with J-land from Blogger and Facebook. I have always found this a unique community, which remains as strong as ever, irrespective of its location on the WWW. In the years after 2008, I have embraced Twitter and Facebook as a means of sharing information with people who hold like-minded interests, such as local history and news in the Outer Hebrides.

Today was a nice day in Stornoway, with occasional sunshine and light winds. Temperatures remain low, with the daytime max at 11C / 52F, and a low of 2C / 36F a few hours ago. Locally, the Office of Fair Trading was in Stornoway to take evidence in the on-going row about fuel prices. An independent wholesaler of fuel (Highland Fuels) has started to supply a garage in Back, 7 miles north of Stornoway, and that garage now retails fuel at 9p a litre less than those supplied by the main supplier, Scottish Fuels.


  1. Well done on your blogging years Guido.Yes we all miss J/Land I believe,but it's still nice to know we can all stay in touch in one way or another.I appreciate all you do for everyone online Guido,you are a Hero,in my mind.LOL!!I often wonder what we would do without you at times.Thankyou for all your help in everything.It's been a lot cooler here today with mist at times.I do wish the petrol prices would lower.It doesn't realy affect me, as I'm not a driver,but I do feel for others,that it is so expensive.Have a good evening,whats left of it.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  2. I do appreciate your blogging and and am thankful for the update on the community as you get word of them. Yes, I read a lot more blogs now and many of the aol contacts no longer post a blog. I'm not big on facebook and have never tried twitter. But I am glad I've had the chance to meet all the great bloggers out there. I've learned a lot and my view of the world has broadened. Happy Blogger anniversary!

  3. Happy Blogging Anniversary,Guido! to me, you are the glue that held all the folks from J Land together after AOL pulled the plug :) I will always be grateful that I was able to start blogging on AOL with the folks in J Land.