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Friday, 26 October 2012

Friday 26 October

A very cold day, with the mercury barely at 5C / 41F, and flurries of snow in the morning. As the sun attempted to warm things up, these turned to hail and finally ceased after lunchtime. At time of posting (10pm), there is heavy snow in the northeast of Scotland, with hazardous driving conditions reported from the area around Braemar.The highlevel route over the Clisham, in North Harris, was also quoted as being under a thin layer of snow.

The east coast of the USA is preparing itself for the arrival of hurricane or tropical storm Sandy, which is presently leaving the Bahamas. It is feared that the storm could bring winds of 70 mph and around 6 inches of rainfall - damage of $1bn is anticipated.

So, you have this old tin of rabbit poison. If this comes in touch with moisture, it will release cyanide gas and that could kill you. How do you get rid of it? Contact a depot and they advise you to wrap it in plastic and send it off to them. Let's vacuum wrap it and then it's all secure. Hitch up the vacuum cleaner hose to the plastic bag containing the tin. Woops, the vacuum draws out the powder from the cracked lid and blows it right into the room you're in! The rest, as they say, is history.

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