View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wednesday 8 August

Summer is said to be on its way north. Southern Spain is reporting temperatures of 43C / 109F. Fortunately, we are that far north, we'll be lucky to see anything over 20C / 68F. No sun for us until after dinnertime, and our mercury stopped rising at 14C / 57F. I'm not complaining as it did feel warm today. We tend to set our standards low in this part of the world, but anything over 80F makes me uncomfortable.

I have written extensively about the Pairc Windfarm which appears to be off the agenda. SSE have suggested that a smaller community windfarm could still be on the cards. I'm quite happy that this windfarm is now not going ahead, as it would be a huge blot on the landscape of South Lochs. I have few images of that area, as I was haunting its moors in the winter of 2004/5, not yet in possession of a digital camera. One of these days I will revisit, if I can persuade the bus company to take me the 5 miles down the road from Balallan. Or if I can get my hands on a vehicle.

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