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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Saturday 18 August

This morning dawned bright and sunny with blue skies. Not three hours later, we had torrential downpours hammering on the roof. It gave us half an inch of much needed rain, but nowhere near enough to make up the deficit. Although it did brighten up a little, we never saw much of the sun. The mercury managed a creditable 18C / 64F.

Spent most of today sorting out several hundred links which I have stored across several accounts on the internet. Using, I managed to sort them into quite a few categories. I still have the browser bookmarks and the links from to sort out, but that's tomorrow's job.

Locally, we had the car rally. This started at 9.40am, at the height of the downpours I started this post with. Yesterday, a stream of vehicles poured off the lunchtime ferry, which were due to participate in today's race. They probably all left again on the 2.30pm sailing for Ullapool, or alternatively will do so tomorrow.

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