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Monday, 6 August 2012

Monday 6 August

I'm birthday boy today and kept it a quiet day. Many thanks for the nearly 70 Facebook contacts who congratulated me on the occasion. Had some cake and a glass of wine, followed by a meal of cabbage, apple, onions and potatoes, one of my faves. I also watched parts of the Olympics this morning, with some track and field events on the menu. Managed to avoid most of the news-based hype, which I dislike.

Another space craft has landed on the planet Mars, 155 million miles away in space. The Curiosity Rover will roam the Red Planet for the next two (Earth) years, looking for signs of past life on the now dead planet.I am following the device on Twitter.

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  1. That is a birthday meal I would enjoy ~ wine & veggies and of course, the cake! It sounds like a nice day.