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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tuesday 31 July

The day started like this, with a few showers. The cruiseliner is the Kristina Katarina, which is visiting Stornoway today. Another liner will call tomorrow. The passengers trouped ashore, and the town was buzzing to the sound of foreign tongues.

In the afternoon, the showers faded away and the sunshine became quite warm (by our standards), with the mercury reaching a pleasant 17C. I went for a walk to the newly finished Nicolson Institute (see previous post) to take a few pics. I carried on down Francis Street to the Town Hall, where an exhibition had been opened just a few hours before about the history of the school. It was first established in 1875.

An alert was put out this morning that a girl aged 3 had made a 999 call from her home in Leeds to the effect that her mother had fallen and was unresponsive. This had happened yesterday, so police were very concerned. However, it turned out this evening that two girls aged 10, calling from Bridlington (on the east coast of England) had perpetrated the prank. They have been spoken to. Bored during the holidays? Well, I hope they will be taught a lesson.

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  1. Your walks around there always seem to have something new to see. The sights around here don't vary as much. We are still experiencing hot dry weather.