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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday 15 July

A quiet day, as per usual on Sunday. The Hebridean Celtic Festival is over, the last performances took place last night. The big tent remains on the lawn of Lews Castle, but will probably be taken down tomorrow. The area around it is fenced off and closed to the public as all the equipment is still on site. I went for a walk round to the Castle, and was able to walk down the shore road to Cuddy Point. It being Sunday, the area was busy with walkers and cyclists.

Tributes have been flooding in since yesterday in memory of Fr Calum Maclellan, the parish priest of Eriskay. Although he is known to many as one of the three priests featured in the Island Parish TV series, his achievements span many of his 86 years.

The drought conditions have sparked another major wildfire, this time just outside the village of North Tolsta, some 15 miles northeast of Stornoway on the east coast of the island. In contrast to the rest of the UK, the Outer Hebrides are crying out for rain, which has been in short supply since the middle of May. We have only had about an inch of rain over two months. A month ago, four wildfires wreaked havoc in the Castle Grounds.

The fire was in the area of woodland, shown at the centre of the map below.


  1. It's a quiet day here too. I'm staying in to keep cool. The weather had promised some rain but now it is sunny again. No rain for us here either. Many states here have drought conditions. It's to be hotter yet in the next few days.

  2. I would send you a few cloudbursts if I could Guido. We have had more than enough here in the Lakes. There's more to come too....!
    I am playing in a bowling match tomorrow afternoon where I will no doubt be having to do a 'Barnes Wallis' bombing action to get over the puddles. Again!!! I am becoming an expert. lol

  3. Sorry to read more fire on the island Guido,Like Jeannie I could send you plenty.It was the first nice weekend we have had for such a long time now.I was amazed the semi final of the Rugby Challenge Cup went ahead in my area yesterday.I thought the pitch would have been waterlogged.Sorry also to read of the bereaevment.Have a great Monday and I do hope the fire can be contained.Take Care God Bless Kath xx