Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Saturday 21 July

Summer has come to an end here in the Outer Hebrides (for now) whilst the rest of the country finally gets its summer. Rain came in at 3pm, and it's still raining as I type this (10pm). More rain is expected over the next few days as a deep depression slowly moves over Iceland towards the Arctic Ocean. 966 mbar is deep for mid summer, but our drought will be alleviated by it to some extent.

The alleged culprit behind the Aurora shootings (12 dead, 59 injured) left home before going on his shoot-out, having booby-trapped his apartment to the last square inch. Why, for goodness' sakes. Why.

The story of the extra ferry sailings between Lochmaddy and Uig (Skye) has me befuddled. Calmac (our ferry company) is putting on extra late night sailings between the Uists and Skye in order to beat the security restrictions around London to do with the Olympics. This is primarily to benefit haulage firms who are carrying fish down to London for onward transportation to the European continent.


  1. I'm not sure I want to know why the culprit behind the shootings in Aurora did what he did. There's no excuse period (even in a crazy mind) and I think it will just get me more angry.

  2. P.S. I'm stealing your sidebar tag about not living in the past anymore. I love it!!!

  3. On a good note: I love your photo!

    On a sad note: Oh the sadness in Aurora. I've been praying. I said the same thing "Why"??????

  4. We had a lovely sunny day on Saturday but it is back to grey skies and winds here in the Lakes. No rain though! Wich is a blessing!

    I guess that warped minded young man knew he wasn't coming back home again. What on earth turned him into this monster with no respect for human beings? Such unfathomable machinations of a sub-human mind puzzles me.

    Hope you get the rain through the night and sunshine through the day. Well....a body can live in hope...yes?

  5. This kind of thing is happening far to often. It's hard to understand how people can do such horrible things. Every time this happens, when i read about somebody hurting others my mind immediately goes to the family of that person, how horrible they must feel.
    It's been nice here, not quite in high temps yet, so are comfortable. And we actually did get rain for a day or two, not much, but some.
    Have an awesome day.