Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Oops, that was the power off at 2.45pm. Which, in the house, is naturally an inconvenience. Nothing works, no internet, no appliances. And, at night, no lights. But this is mid afternoon in July, it's a bright day, so no real problem. And after 15 minutes, the power did come back on. However, in the town centre, all the shops shut their doors to customers, as they could not operate their tills. The outlying districts took longer to come back on supply, but the power company reported on Twitter that everybody should have their electric back. Meanwhile, the powerstation at Battery Point (a few hundred yards from my position) is belching out smoke, providing a back-up. Don't know what brought this all on, but the fact that I am able to put this entry on the WWW means that everything is back to normal. In my usual daily blogpost, which I shall put up this evening, I will relay experiences of people who were actually in the shops when the power went off.


  1. Glad you do have your power back there. It'd be more than an inconvenience here. I've been counting on the air conditioning to keep cool in the hot weather we are experiencing. It is something to be thankful for! We don't know how much we miss it till we don't have it.

  2. With our temps going above 100°F again this week, a power outage would be really bad! Glad yours didn't last too long.