Along the Pentland Road, 25 May 2017

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Monday 4 June

A change in the weather, with mainly overcast skies and still cool. The day started with a large cruiseship docked alongside the ferry pier. The Silver Cloud left just after 3 o'clock, headed for Douglas, the main town in the Isle of Man.

During the afternoon, I continued my project of looking up further details about the WW1 casualties from the Isle of Lewis. This information is admittedly limited, such as a date of birth and family details from the censuses. I completed the village of Lower Bayble, which lost quite a few names. Next one will be Upper Bayble, next-door.

At sunset, at 10.15pm, the beacons were lit in the Western Isles (and beyond) to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. One was across from my position at Arnish Point; others were at Ness and on the top of the Clisham. I walked out to Oliver's Brae to check whether I could see fire on the Clisham, but the distance (30 miles) and the fact that the Arnish beacon was already out by that time meant there was not a spark to be seen.

The below image was taken just after 11pm on Oliver's Brae between Stornoway and Sandwick.


  1. Oh!how I love your new header Guido,you have some fabulous photo's.Lovely cruise ship makes me want to be on holiday.You work so hard Guido doing your reserch,I hope you manage to find all you are looking for.That second pic looks a dark dreary sky doesn't it? We can do without those in June I say.Have a great Tuesday Guido.Take Care God Bless Kath xx