Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tuesday 29 May

A beautifully sunny day, but that strong cold northeasterly wind took the warmth out of it all. We did not manage more than 12C / 54F, but the wind made it feel even lower. Rather warmer, I gather, were the people in the US, where late May temperature records have tumbled. I gather that some places got as high as 36C, not far off 100F. I think I'll stick to the Hebrides; I find 12C easier to cope with than the mid-30s.

A few weeks ago, six children were killed in a house fire in the town of Derby. The fire was started deliberately, by pouring petrol through the letterbox and setting this alight. The parents, of whom the father had 18 children, have now been arrested on suspicion of their murder. The investigation in Derby is still on-going.

Italy has suffered another earthquake, measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale. Sixteen people are reported to have lost their lives. Seismologists expect the quakes to continue. Footage of a refugee camp at the time of today's quake showed people running away, out of their tents.


  1. I have experianced those temps over 100 Guido abroad and no they are not nice at all,so uncomfortable.I heard on the news this evening about the Father of those children being arrested.I had my doubts about him when he was crying on the appeal alongside his wife.It's so sad about the earthquake victims.It's been another beautiful day here in my district.Hot with a lovely mild breeze,which I love.Enjoy the rest of your evening.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  2. Oh my friend, I'm so heartbroken for the Derby children, wanted to visit your blog and soothe my soul with the pictures of Lewis and everything you always so generously share. Btw it's almost 100 degrees here in NJ too, dangerously hot. I posted in my long=-neglected blog about the transit, and this time my memory served me as I mentioned the danger of directly looking into this event. Thank you again for reminding me of such an important fact. Hope you're well.