Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday 4 May

A bitterly cold day, with a steady northerly breeze. There were a few showers, some with hail, sleet and snow. Although it is May 4th, the mercury did not do any better than 6C / 43F. And it felt like it. The occasional sunny spell did nothing for the raw feeling.

The results from local elections came in through the afternoon, and there were quite a few changes in Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, the Western Isles Council. The turn-out here was among the highest in the country, with up to 61% in Point, the Eye peninsula east of Stornoway. The turn-out for other elections was down to 24% in places.

I was pleased to hear that a community buy-out is to be considered for South Harris, which includes Berneray and other islands in the Sound of Harris. The estate was sold off in 1925, among other possessions of the late proprietor, Lord Leverhulme. If the buy-out bid succeeds, the whole of Harris will be in community ownership. The movement towards community ownership was started by the people of Assynt (north of Ullapool) in 1992, followed in 1997 by the islanders of Eigg. It has allowed them to determine their own future, rather than being stifled by the whims of an absentee landowner. Community buy-outs are the result of legislation, enacted in 1886, which afforded security of tenure to crofters in the Highlands and Islands.


  1. Good Evening Guido,It has also been avery bitterly cold wind here today too.I had to go out on two occasions today,and both times I came home frozen Brrr.Tonight the wind has got up realy strong.I am happy for you with the result of the buy out.Lets hope it gets a little warmer throughout the Bank holiday.Though as the saying goes.Don't cast a clart till May goes out.Enjoy the rest of the evening, whatever you have planned.Goodnight and Godbless Kath xx

  2. I hope the Harris comunity buy-out succeeds and goes well. It is an excellent provision and can provide genuine community-based control and initiatives which address local needs seriously and sensibly.

  3. Not before time: regarding the community based buy out! I am all for that Guido, even though I don't live there. The islanders and highlanders have been dealt rotten cards in the past. Hopefully they can soon be in control of their own destiny free of fiefdom.
    Aye! We are feeling very wintry here in the English Lakes too. My summer bedding plantlets are looking decidely blue around the gills! lol
    I think I should have heeded Kath's mantra..'Ne'r cast a clout 'til May gangs out'.
    Grab those wee shining keyholes of sunshine where you can Guido and jump up and down on the spot, blowing into your hands, in between. lol