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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Community Photo Challenge: Transportation

This poor old wreck of a bus, long since reduced to scrap metal, had been hauled to a piece of waste ground just outside Stornoway in March 2008. In its better days, it would carry the fair maidens of the islands of Lewis and Harris on the annual carnival parade. The phrase "Gals on Motors" is a pun on the name of one of the bus operators in Lewis, who are called Galson Motors.


  1. Love,love, love your photo entry!!!!

  2. Very interesting post and image. I am into abandoned cars and buildings!! ;)

  3. What a shame it has been demoted to the scrapyard! There will be lots of memories rattling around inside it for sure!
    Good entry Guido.

  4. I love the pic and the pun...great sense of humor on this pic. Nice...will be posting mine soon. smiles, Maria from Seattle