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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wednesday 11 April

Although weather conditions were slightly less than perfect, I went on a bus trip to Harris to visit the cemetery at Maraig, below the Clisham. When I arrived at the junction on the A859 Stornoway to Tarbert road, the sun was out and the wind not too cold. I descended the 500 feet to sealevel, where Maraig is located. I then walked into the village and located the cemetery, which contains two wargraves. I have now visited all the island's cemeteries; except for the one on Scarp, which requires a private boat charter to reach. Will have to enlist the services of a local boatman to get there.

Upon leaving Maraig, I ascended back up to the main road, then followed the old post road to cut a corner. I was overtaken by a shower, and conditions underfoot were very wet and at times boggy. However, I finally arrived at Scaladale at 4pm. The bus back to Stornoway arrived 20 minutes later, and delivered me into town at 5pm.

This map shows the route I walked today

View Maraig & Scaladale, 11 April 2012 in a larger map

Scaladale River

Loch Seaforth

Post Road

Maraig from the main road
Maraig village

Sheep and the Clisham

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  1. Hello again Guido,Wow what a ike you had yesterday.You must be very fit.LOL!!.The scenery is breathtaking.I love the little cottages (farm houses) as I call them, scattered here and thier.How I wish I could trek long journey's again.Such a lot to see which is out of eyes view and beyond.Pity you had to catch the shower,but pleased to read you got home safely.Thankyou for sharing your travels.I realy enjoyed the journey and pictures.Congratulations too on the two year project you have just completed (Clap clap), you deserve a reward for your hard work.Have a great Thursday Guido.Take Care God Bless Kath xx