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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thursday 19 April

Bright and sunny today, although the keen easterly wind continues. We had no rain, and the mercury reached 11C / 52F. Although the temperatures are no great shakes, spring is definitely here. Last week, I saw lots of young lambs in Harris, some only a day old, if that. The dandelions are running riot, despite being zapped with weedkiller.

At the beginning of last week, a car crash in Harris left several people injured, some seriously. An 80-year old grandfather gave cause for concern, but local news website Hebrides News relates that he is doing much better. His car aquaplaned off the A859 Tarbert to Leverburgh road and ended up in a loch.

I'm continuing with transcription of a historical document, which shows conditions in this island in 1902.

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  1. Yes the dandelions are running riot Guido.I think this is because people don't dispose of the heads like they used to do.They let them go to clock and the wind scatters the seeds.They seem to be everywhere you go in England now.Ive never seen as many.Rain here again all day.So sad about the accident.Prayers for all of them.Take Care God Bless.