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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday 1 April

April Fool's Day, but I decided against putting clingfilm over the toilet bowl. Someone's gotta clear up the mess from practical jokes like that.

The weather here in Stornoway was grey and chilly, and it's only going to get colder. We are on warning for snow tomorrow afternoon, with an increasing bitter easterly wind. Tuesday will see the mercury down to 4C / 39F, although it will warm up again later in the week.

This evening, a passenger was reported missing, presumed fallen overboard from a ferry, running from Guernsey (Channel Islands) to Poole in Dorset. A thorough search of the ferry was made, but the woman concerned was not found. A mayday call was put out, but a search of the waters of the Channel revealed nothing by 9pm, when the lifeboats involved was stood down. It is the ultimate dread for any ferry operator.

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  1. we didn't do the april fool's thing here in America bc it was also Palm Sunday. didn't seem appropriate. glad you reframed from doing the clingfilm thing (we call that "plastic wrap" or "press and seal" here in the States, LOL). i can't imagine even doing something like that. we are neither that imaginative nor well, uhm, is that mean, LOL? or is it British humor? we usually do things like poor ketchup on our finger or thumb and scream, "come quick! i've cut my finger/thumb!" i guess that's exciting enough for us on april 1, LOL! :)

    anyway, nice blog, guido. your photography is fantastic. i do believe you could do it for a living. you are getting better every day. seriously. not that it is for me to judge, i am not being patronizing, but i would buy your photos over most people's, and i'm serious. not that i have money, LOL. but if i did.

    btw, i did a post today if you want to check it out. and read two posts before that. it explains how john is now in complete remission from 3 cancers. i haven't told everyone the complete story yet. but i am working on it, LOL. he still has a lot of complications though -- one third kidney function, no immune system, avascular necrosis, etc. but he is alive and cancer free, praise be to Jesus Christ. so go check out my post if you'd like! i am just getting caught up on your blog, LOL. have been gone for months most of the time going weekly with john to the hospital 210 round trip away with john for post cancer and bone marrow treatments. so you see i haven't had time to read blogs. only about 20 of your posts to catch up on. and about 128 of other people's blogs to read also, LOL.

    so bye for now, blessed and Holy Easter, krissy knox :)