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Monday, 26 March 2012

Out of the blue

On 29 December 2007, I received an email from someone I had never heard of before. She had been reading my blog, Northern Trip at the time, and wanted to become friends by email. So, Frances and I did just that. We swapped emails on a regular basis for the following few months, until I received the devastating news of the death of my mother. This prompted my temporary withdrawal from J-land, blogging and emailing. However, as time went on, matters returned more or less to normal and I also resumed contact with Frances. She often spoke of her granddaughter in the Navy. Latterly, we took up contact by Facebook, until October last year.

Frances had been diagnosed with cancer, and cruelly, her Facebook account was cloned at the same time. Her condition deteriorated rapidly since Halloween, as reported by her granddaughter. This evening, the message was posted that Frances, now in hospice, is not expected to make it through the night - it's 5pm where she is.

If Frances should pass away in the next few hours, or whatever time it will take, I will be deeply saddened for her family. For my part, I will miss our email correspondence, the friendship from afar.

A bright star from the Lone Star State will have set.


  1. I am so sorry. I wish her peace, & you as well.

  2. It will never fail to amaze me how we can become so attatched to friends that we have made over the air waves...Like you I have known Frances sinse old J land days...and it has been such a pleasure.E mails and snail mails, all written with great affection. As you so rightly say A bright star from the Lone Star State will have set when she has to go.

  3. Just doing a little catch up Guido.How I love the picture on your header.I could sit thier all day long.Looks so peaceful and tranquil.YES Frances seemd to me Guido to be such a caring lady,when only a short while ago on FB she requested to be a friend of mine.After accepting her as afriend,I felt a close presence to her straight away,she seemed such a warm person and many laughs she sent each day when she would post a Maxine Cartoon.I grew to love her so quickly.I was realy saddened and upset,to learn this news after returning from my short break.Bless you Guido,Have a good day and evening.Take Care God Bless Kath xxx