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Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday 9 March

Changeable cloud and rising wind today, with just the odd drop of drizzle. Temperatures were highest in the night, slowly dropping from an overnight high of 10C to about 7C at the moment. As it's cloudy, we're missing out on the aurora. Being at latitude 58 north would mean a spectacular display. Well, it's raining as I type this, no tough luck.

Completed the first batch of additional research on WW1 casualties from the town of Stornoway, their number exceeding 140 - i.e. about 10% of the total number of those lost in the Great War. I have revised the Stornoway page of the memorial site Faces from the Lewis War Memorial. All the information on one person is now contained on the one page. Sometimes it is very little; sometimes there is rather more. The outlying districts are next.

An MP who went bananas in a bar in the Houses of Parliament on 22 February has been sentenced to a fine of £3,000 plus £1,400 in compensation to his victims; two fellow MPs and two researchers. He was also banned from all pubs and bars for several months. I would have expected Eric Joyce to have stepped down as MP for Falkirk (central Scotland) after such a disgraceful performance. But it is probably not politically expedient to have a by-election.

The Convener of Western Isles Council is stepping down in May, after 28 years as councillor and 13 years as Convener. Mr Macdonald finished by making a swipe against internet bloggers, whom he referred to as scurrilous and cowardly as well as not belonging to our community. Freedom of speech, anyone?

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