Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Friday, 23 March 2012

Friday 23 March

A beautiful sunny day, with no wind and no clouds. We managed 13C / 55F, which is very good for late March. The settled weather looks set to continue in the days ahead, with southeasterly winds bringing more mild air to the far northwest.

Tomorrow, there will be a march and rally through Stornoway to protest against the end of reduced ferry fares for commercial vehicles as of next month. In October 2008, the Scottish Government introduced reduced ferry fares to boost the local economy. The Road Equivalent Tarriff for commercial vehicles is being discontinued, meaning a steep price rise for their ferry crossings. Everything in these islands has to come in by ferry, and supplies all come in on board commercial trucks. The increased costs are passed on to customers and consumers (not necessarily the same people), and emotions are running high on the subject.

For those in Stornoway, the march starts at 1pm from the car park for the Nicolson Institute on Smith Avenue, with vehicles assembling at 12.15pm for a safety briefing by police. Pedestrians will assemble at the Mitchell Roundabout (by the Spar and the Macaulay Road Co-op) as well as the Porter's Lodge, and will join the march ahead of the vehicular cavalcade. The parade will continue through the town centre, concluding with a rally in Carnegie Square, outside An Lanntair on Kenneth Street.


  1. I hope the most people use the chance to make their feelings known Guido...I am not one for marches usually but there are times when finally nothing else can do...even if the march dosn't help at least it is a visable show....

  2. Our temperatures have been so very high for March. We've broken or set several records for our area. This week, however, it looks like it will be more normal, with temps in the 60s or 70s.