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Friday, 30 March 2012

40% burns

That is what a woman suffered when petrol ignited that she was decanting in her kitchen in York. I am furious with the UK government for its gross irresponsibility in handling the tanker drivers dispute. A ballot has been taken, and the members have voted for strike action. However, the trades union has not announced yet when it will call its members out on strike, and when that happens, it will be with 7 days' notice. Nonetheless, there is panic buying going on. Cabinet Office Minister, Francis Maude, suggested people fill up jerry cans with petrol and diesel, something that is against the law. Prime Minister David Cameron fanned the flames by suggesting people go and fill up their petrol tanks every time they pass a petrol station. The wrong advice at the wrong time, and it has indirectly contributed to the horrendous injuries suffered by this unfortunate woman. Call that a government?


  1. This is tragic Guido and the poor lady was only trying to help her Daughter..Who had apparently run out of petrol.I hate the thought of such combustable materials around the home.I even get rid of paint tins which are no longer being used.I will not have turpintine in my home nor white spirits etc...Re:- when decorating in progress.I clean my brushes,wrap them in cling film this keeps them nice and soft and I dispose of the leftovers by ringing the local council,who take them away.As for the petrol situation.I have just had a call from Rooster FRIDAY LUNCH) to say he may not be able to come over to visit me tonight as usual,for the weekend,90mile journey away from me,as he called at the only service station he passes at lunchtime coming home from work to fill up as normal and it was dry and sold out Grrrrrrrrrr.The next knock on affect will be delivery wagons to the supermarkets etc I suppose, or any transport of that nature not being able to deliver due to the strikes and no fuel.Grrrr Have a good day Guido .I too am livid on this topic.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  2. It is indeed tragic. Our Government has a lot to answer to and this seems to be increasing with every day that passes. They are really messing up this country. :-(