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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday 26 February

Yesterday, it was reported that a pedestrian had been knocked down in the road between Carloway and Callanish. The man was taken to hospital in Stornoway, and has undergone an operation. Following an appeal in local media, the driver of the car, which had driven off following the incident, has come forward.

An overcast day, with plenty of wind and rain, although the wind appears to have subsided somewhat.
Kept another quiet day, watching an episode of Columbo in the afternoon. More tomorrow.

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  1. hope the gentleman ha snot been to badly injured..It is awful I think to drive off after an accident like that...but at least he has addmitted it now I suppose..
    Yesterday (sun.) we had a glorious sunny warm day this morning althhough still warm it is grey dull and drizzly..might brighten later...fingers crossed
    Love Sybil x