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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Social media

I have just been wading through my colossal backlog of blog reading. I shall have to make time each day to read the postings that you all make on the blogs, or at least on those I have on Google Reader. The number of links I monitor on there is somewhere around 350. That is not just blogs, but also news and information sites. Another source for information and news is Twitter, which is easier to keep track of when I'm logged into that site. Facebook has now taken the place of blogging, or at least it has done over the past couple of weeks and months, but I have now realised that many of you are still writing on blogs, so I'll be back there more often. I use Twitter for keeping up to date with matters local, regional, national and international.

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  1. i have 1000+ blogs per my google reader, and more in my blogger dashboard. that of course means all of my blogs are not jland. i guess i have to weed down, LOL. it is hard to take many off, bc sometimes i will read a few here and there, and the next day i will read a few difft ones, and then come back to the first ones again. especially w niche blogs. i know, that's a pretty crazy method, LOL. i should probably change it!

    so glad i finally got over to your blog! if it didn't start with A it would have taken even longer, LOL.

    krissy knox :)