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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Friday 8 July

Quite a nice day today, during which I continued to sort out a variety of things. I have been busy with that this week, but I'm not going to bore you with details. It was in part an exercise with a broom, sweeping away dust from the past. Other bits are shifted less easily, and it may take weeks to clear everything up.

I have resumed my activity regarding witnesses from the Napier Commission of 1883, which had kept me busy until I went on holiday 5 weeks ago. I am now looking at people from Barra, who gave evidence on 26 May 1883.

Until earlier this week, I was using Blogger in Draft, in which Blogger tests out new features. I had to leave the programme, because the latest version was full of bugs. I had to start implementing work-arounds to avoid dud links and other problems, so I switched back to the proper version of Blogger.

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  1. It's strange how holiday's seem to unsettle us once we get "home" it always sems to take a while to get back into our usual stride...
    Glad that you had an ok kind of day. We had a lovely morning but by afternoon we were having rain...more like monsoon conditions I was so sorry for some children and their parents from the primary school who were camping on teh Rec overnight....why they were doing that, is the question...but they sure have had a wet time..
    Have a good weekend Sybil x