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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thursday 13 October

An overcast and breezy day today, feeling cold in the wind. The mercury stayed at 12C through most of the day, which isn't bad for mid-October.

I just spotted an article on local news website Hebrides News, which claims it has overtaken the local weekly paper Stornoway Gazette in terms of readership. The article goes on to state that people are gradually switching from printed newspapers to on-line news sources - a trend that is perfectly understandable, as sites like Heb News, however imperfect at times, are updated continually, whereas newspapers only come out once a day or (as in the case of the Gazette)  once a week. It is a trend that is not only shown in the Hebrides, but worldwide.

Tomorrow will see the start of the Royal National Mod, which is held in Stornoway for the first time since 2005. I intend to attend some of the competitions, in spite of the fact that I do not speak or understand Gaelic. The Mod is a showcase for Gaelic culture, not only comprising of music, but also of theatre and sports. Its competitors can be as young as age 5. The event will run until Saturday 22 October.

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  1. Hope that you are able to keep up with any extra guests you might have this week withthe Mod being on.. I might catch some of it on ALBA station on TV that I enjoy watching...
    Sorry to see that you are still having it coldish. we have been so lucky down here this month. Went to Longleat yesterday and was even sitting without a cardi on at 3pm. can hardly believe we are still in Oct.
    Sybil xx