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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saturday 15 October

After the heavy rain that started the day, it cleared up to a fairly sunny but very windy day. The wind made it feel cold, at times bitingly so. Nonetheless, no rain is the only thing I would wish, so no real complaints. It will get colder over the next few months, so I'll get used to it yet.

Yesterday, the first legal single malt whisky produced in Lewis was launched at an event in Stornoway. The Abhainn Dearg distillery set up production in 2008, and now that three years have passed, its product can be described as whisky. At an earlier stage, it marketed an precursor product that boasted of 65% v/v alcohol, which is mind-blowingly strong - no, I didn't try it! The article I'm linking to is from the Am Paipear [The Paper], the local newspaper for the Uists.

The tropical cyclone season for the northern hemisphere has quietened down; the only system I am monitoring at present is called Irwin, a system that has been meandering in the Eastern Pacific Ocean between 105 and 120 degrees longitude West. Early on in its career (it has been on the go for nearly 10 days), it reached hurricane strength, but it got strangulated by its little sister Jova, which left cold seawater and a stirred-up atmosphere behind.


  1. AD distillery only marketed their Spirit Of Lewis new-make dram prior to the three year old release at a mere 40% abv, less than most big name malts. You might be thinking of the two casks purchased privately by MacSorley's Bar in Glasgow and a German whisky club containing spirit at 65% abv. This is cask strength, the natural alcohol content of whisky and a level at which most whisky aficionados like their dram. Far from being mind-blowingly strong, it's actually very pleasant!

  2. It's been a cool week/end here in my part Guido,not looking forward to it any cooler Brrr.Your header picture is fantastic.Goodnight I am late commenting in blogger this evening.Take Care Kath xx