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Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday 31 October

Although it's not cold today, it certainly is very breezy. Had to remove the bulb from an outside light fitting, 10 feet up on a wall, but the force 6 wind nearly carried the stepladder away.

In South Harris, it has been confirmed that the fire that killed an elderly man in Leverburgh was not suspicious. Kenny Mackenzie, who was in his early 80s, was found dead in his home yesterday after the firebrigade was called.

UNESCO has voted to admit Palestine as a full member, prompting the USA to withdraw its funding. UNESCO receives 20% of its funding from the US. Palestine is not a fully fledged state, but exists in an awkward limbo as Palestinian Territories, in Gaza and on the West Bank of the River Jordan. An even more awkward situation exists between the Palestinians and the Israelis following more than 60 years of confrontation. The origins of the conflicts have long been obscured by extremism on both sides, confused by religion and an abuse of historical facts or fiction. The Israelis and Palestinians are condemned to live with each other, and I feel that there is a way to make this happen in such a way that both communities can co-exist if not co-habit. The current sheer bloody-mindedness on both sides is a recipe for continued disaster for the world at large.

Happy Halloween.

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