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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wednesday 3 August

Today started overcast, but the cloud soon broke and by mid afternoon we were bathing in broad sunshine. The mercury rose to 18C / 64F once more, but out of the breeze it felt quite warm. In the afternoon, I took the bus to Carloway, 16 miles west of Stornoway near the Atlantic coast, to attend the centenary of the annual agricultural show there. This held the usual mix of farm or home produce, lifestock and the heavy events, such as tossing the caber. I have not yet uploaded the pictures (of which I took nearly 70), but will make a separate post with a selection tomorrow morning.

A note on busfares: using the main road, Carloway is 25 miles from Stornoway, and I got a return fare of £4.75. The route takes you past all the main tourist sites, such as the Callanish Stones, Carloway Broch and Arnol Blackhouse (sometimes also the Garenin Blackhouse Village), and for a few quid extra, you can hop off and on as much as you want. On the mainland, a single ticket from Ullapool to Inverness (55 miles, just over double the distance) costs more than £12.

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