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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Wednesday 24 August

Spent today monitoring hurricane Irene, which is passing through the Bahamas with winds of 110 mph, and the situation in Libya. Gadaffi has been kicked out of his compound, but fighting continues in Tripoli and elsewhere. Next Thursday, 1 September, would have been the 42nd anniversary of his coup, back in 1969. Let's hope he takes it as a cue to formally relinquish power. Sigh, was that me dodging a flying pig?

I have also added more information on a tribute blog that I have set up for one casualty of the First World War, who perished in the sinking of the SS Kenmare off Holyhead in March 1918. His body was washed up north of Dublin, Ireland, a few days later. I am working with a man from the area to find out as much as possible about this incident, and the results will go on this blog. John Macaulay hailed from the village of Islivig, 40 miles west of Stornoway. This image, taken two years ago, shows the village road.

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