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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Thursday 18 August

Well, I complained to the people in Canada and they cancelled the invoice. I very much appreciate that gesture, particularly because it's ridiculous to pay $15 in order to fulfill a $3.50 bill. The person who gave me the good news also told me that he had been going on for more than a decade to have credit-card payment enabled within his organisation. You'll notice I'm not naming names, and that's not going to change.

My previous post may have been a tad enigmatic, but I found a much better riposte to that ridiculous petition: why reward criminals for their bad behaviour (by sending them to the Outer Hebrides).

As I type, darkness is falling on the end of another day of mixed fortunes in terms of weather. There were a few showers, and there was some sunshine; it gave us a most wonderful spectacle of colours half an hour ago when that showercloud was lit up in pale orange colours for a full 10 minutes.

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