Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday 29 August

Although the day started fairly bright, we were plagued by showers through the afternoon. And we have lost our "summer warmth": only 13C today. The ferry had to cancel its return crossing from Ullapool yesterday, and did not return until lunchtime today. There was a large amount of traffic to catch up on, and this evening it was an hour late coming back to Stornoway.

I have recorded all 26 episodes of The World at War, but I can only watch one episode at a time - too depressing. However, it is the best documentary on the Second World War, a topic I take an active interest in. Today, I transcribed more of the tributes from the Stornoway Gazette from 1941 to islanders who fell in that conflict.


  1. I do love summer warmth...but I'm mostly just glad the hurricane went on its way. ~Mary

  2. Summer certainly is on the wane down here as well, although today the temp was around the 18/19 c it was so dull it didn't feel warm and mow at just after 8pm I am going to have to put the lights one...
    I will be away from sat. for 2 weeks holiday a cruise to the Med. so hoping for some summer weather there !!
    Love Sybil.
    PS I have joined the postcards and sent my first one off today !