Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wednesday 6 July

Quite a dreich day, with overcast skies and occasional drizzle. The news was full of allegations about journalists hacking into people's mobile phones, including victims of crime, terrorism and war. The political twist is never far away, particularly as one editor is a good friend of the Prime Minister. I have never held British journalism in high regard, as they just don't know when to stop. The word "Morals" seems to be erased from their dictionary, with sales figures being more important than actually doing your job right. They claim to supply what the readers want; I think that should be changed into "what they think the readers want". Eugh.

Locally, the closure of Sandwick Road, the main road heading east out of Stornoway, is over, and the diversion past my position lifted. But there is a suggestion, to be investigated by Scottish Water, that a drain has collapsed under the weight of all those lorries whizzing round the corner here. There is now a distinct smell, and not a terribly pleasant one, in this area. Lorries come past here at any rate, as the marshalling yard is just up the road. The HGV's do have an alternative route: down Sandwick Road. Let's see what transpires.

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